Arirang Wonder Sauce

Arirang Wonder Sauce

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Salty and sweet soy sauce based condiment, made by reducing all ingredients for six hours, this concentrated sauce is used in many dishes at Arirang including braised, stir fried, as well as marinade for much loved BBQs.

* Little goes long way * Vegan *

Ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, pear, onion, ginger, rice wine

**Use within 3 months from date of purchase.

*200ml / 500ml





*200ml / 500ml

아리랑 만능간장

6 시간 동안 달인 짭짤하고 달콤한 농축

재료 : 간장, 설탕, 배, 양파, 생강, 청주

** 구매 일로부터 3 개월 이내에 사용하세요。

* 200ml / 500ml