Arirang, The Restaurants


Arirang was the first Korean restaurant to open in Hong Kong in 1964. It was also the first to introduce smokeless barbecue tables in 1983 in the newly opened venue in Harbour City.

We have been at different locations over the years and now we have been at W Square in Wanchai since 2012, newly relocated; going through several incarnations, each time evolving to incorporate ever more evocative Korean traditional décor with a modern twist, to provide atmospheric and elegant space within which to enjoy a most generous selection of authentic Korean cuisine outside Korea.

In Korea, most Korean restaurants fall into two categories: HahnJungShilk style, a formal style of dining where set courses are offered. Prices are per person and are quite expensive, reflecting the cost of preparing many, often elaborate dish with at least ten side dishes; almost all others fall into 'specialty' category, with short menu of perhaps 10 to 20 items. They include barbecues houses, cold noodle shops, rice dish shops, soup dish house, etc. Very much the fast food operations, they may offer couple of side dishes, and are good value for money.
Being the first Korean restaurant to open in Hong Kong, we have developed our own style of presenting Korean cuisine that is partly HahnJungShik whilst bringing under one roof many specialty cuisine of Korea, offering a range of side dishes to introduce the flavors of Korea. It must have worked since this format has been followed in almost all Korean restaurants that have opened in Hong Kong since.

Our menu has also evolved over the years to include not only most popular traditional dishes, but also some modern innovative presentations. We have been rewarded by appreciative and loyal following of clientele over the years by our constancy in serving true and authentic tastes of Korea year in and year out, lovingly prepared by our talented and experienced Korean chefs and their long serving teams.

Barbecue remains the most popular fare, but we have been gratified to note that our efforts to introduce a wider choice of Korean cuisine through pictorial menu have seen steadily increasing range of dishes being ordered by our diners.
We hope you enjoy our offerings. There is truly no better place to savor Korean cuisine than at Arirang. Our customers from over forty years ago still with us today can testify to that!