What is Arirang?

Arirang - The Song

Wherever you go in Korea, and indeed wherever Koreans have gone, there you will hear Arirang - the beloved folk song of Korea. Practically every region in Korea has its own version, some with more cheerful words and tunes, and yet it is the version here, a lament about inconstant, unreliable love that has endured best, and travelled most. In a recent research by Arirang scholors, Arirang was found in remote Korean communities in China and Russia, in recognisable versions, with words reflecting their longing for home and telling stories of hardships endured.

Learn to sing Arirang

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Arirang Arirang Arariyo
Arirang GoGaeReul NuhmUh GahnDah
NahReul BuhRiGo GaShiNeunNimEun
ShibRiDo MotGahSuh BahlByungNahnDah

You may download and print the Arirang songsheet by clicking here