JUHNTONGCHA.. fragrant fruit and herbal teas of Korea

Very much like homemade wines, there are many fruit and herbal teas.  Ginseng tea has been

available commercially the longest, but recently, a response to healthy alternatives to coffee and

tea have resulted in many traditional tea shops that offer homemade teas.  We are happy to offer

the following choices which are just as delicious cold as hot.


Fruit Teas are made from thinly cut fruits packed in honey or sugar.  We have chosen two most

Popular, YuJa Cha, made with citroen, which bears fruit in winter; and MoGwa Cha, made

with quince, an apple-like fruit. 


Apart the most famous herbal tea, Ginseng tea, there are also SengGahngCha, made with ginseng, and DaeChooCha, made with jujube.  Try our very special GoolSahmCha, made with fresh ginseng slices in honey.



Happy drinking!


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JUHNTONGCHA.. fragrant fruit and herbal teas of Korea