Bool Go Gi, barbecue Korean style

Literally meaning 'fire-meat',  beef is the  preferred meat of choice in Korea.  Having been until very recent times scarce and expensive,  beef enjoyed a reputation as a 'treat", and so there are more Boolgogi,  (marinated thin beef slices,)  and Gahlbi (beef short rib) restaurants in Korea than almost any other category of restaurants, as they could be relied on to corner the market in celebratory parties.


Other popular specialty barbecues are SeGyubSahl Gooi, thin pork belly slices; Dahk Gahlbi, marinated chicken leg; OJingUh Gooi, spicy cuttlefish; GobChang Gooi, spicy beef intestines; and Yahng Gooi, a special thick section of beef tripe;  Saewoo Gooi, whole prawns, etc.


Barbecues  are often eaten wrapped with leafy greens, including lettuce, parella leaves, and other seasoanl greens, as well as spring onions, garlic, green chillies, etc., with extra flavoring of Ssahmjahng, a soy bean paste condiment. 


Typically, Naeng Myun, a cold soup of buckwheat noodles is the usual filler after Boolgogi or Gahlbi, whereas rice is served most often with all other kinds of barbecues.  As for beverage, Soju, a vodka-like liquor made from potatoes, quite potent at 25% a.c. is probably undisputed leader, although slightly milder versions have been coming onto the market in more recent years.


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