"Bahb Mug Ut Ni?" (or more politely, "Jin Ji Jahb Seu Sheut Suh Yo?)

Bahb,  or rice,  is so central in Korean cuisine, that enquiring if someone has had his meal is by asking if he has eaten any rice, as it was more often than not eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   The perfectly cooked rice has probably been the inspiration to prepare hundreds of accompanying Bahn Chahn (side dishes).


Korean rice is same type as those eaten in Japan, of round grain type and is cooked in the same way, that is boiled with just enough water to cook.  Perfectly cooked rice should be firm and chewy; and properly washed, good quality rice will impart sweetness, and is perfect accompaniment to all other dishes.


It used to be that Hin Bahb,  or white rice was the ultimate choice,  but wide publicity  given to superior nutritional benefits of brown, unrefined rice, grains and beans  have encouraged many people to turn to mixed grain rice,  previously considered rough and common, and only consumed to stretch relatively expensive white rice. Mixed grain rice are more difficult to cook well, and often require soaking time for beans and other grains, although recent introduction of pressure rice cookers makes it much easier to achieve satisfactory results.


However, the notion of pure, unadulterated white rice is still ingrained in people's minds with affluence, and a bowl of fresh, perfectly cooked white rice will always be appreciated by all those who value good Korean cuisine.


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"Bahb Mug Ut Ni?" (or more politely, "Jin Ji Jahb Seu Sheut Suh Yo?)

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